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of Conduct Policy

This policy seeks to establish rules and guidelines to ensure that PASC committee, coaches, parents/guardian and members understand what behaviour is expected and how PASC will address unacceptable behaviour.

Any issue involving members under 18 will automatically be brought to the attention of the PASC CCO in line with the Child Protection Policy. All members should make themselves aware of both the PASC and Swim Ireland procedures.

This policy relates to all PASC members, coaches, committee members, parents and guardians. The primary responsibility for a child’s behaviour rests with the parent/guardian. All of whom are made aware of this policy once they agree to become a PASC member. The PASC committee is responsible for ensuring that discipline rules and procedures are applied fairly and consistently.

PASC make clear to all involved that behaviour such as foul/abusive language, acts of vandalism, bully or fighting and lack of respect to others is not acceptable. Coaches will verbally make a swimmer aware that their behaviour is unacceptable a maximum of three times. If they have to speak to the swimmer for a fourth time within one session the swimmer will be asked to leave the pool. In the event of a serious or persistent breach of these guidelines, the person involved will be excluded from PASC for a time decided by the discipline committee.

Our guiding principles is that all involved with PASC must

  • respect the rights of one another and respect facilities and equipment of Cascades and other visiting venues
  • abide by the code of conduct and responsibilities listed in the PASC Handbook • have the right to a fair hearing with an opportunity to state their case
  • have the right to representation before any disciplinary action is taken
  • have the right of appeal

If you are aware of a discipline breach inform a member of the committee or a coach. The PASC committee will nominate a discipline subcommittee if required.


Step 1: PASC committee will nominate a member to meet with the relevant parties as soon as practicable to investigate the issue. The CCO will be present if required.

Step 2: If the breach is deemed to be of a more serious nature the discipline committee will arrange a meeting to enquire into the circumstances of the breach. The member against whom the accusation is made shall be invited to attend the disciplinary meeting. The respondent will receive notice in writing to give sufficient time to respond. The guiding principles given above will be adhered to. The discipline committee will make its finding known to the relevant parties.

Step 3: If the respondent is unhappy with the findings of the discipline committee they may appeal to the PASC committee within 7 days of receiving the finding. The PASC committee will consider the appeal within 14 days of receiving the appeal. It will receive full details and documentation from the discipline committee and notify the member of its decision.

Step 4: If unhappy with the PASC committee decision the member can appeal to Swim Ireland using their procedures.