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Complaints Policy

This policy seeks to establish rules and guidelines to ensure that PASC committee, coaches, parents/guardian and members understand how PASC will address complaints.

Any issue involving members under 18 will automatically be brought to the attention of the PASC CCO in line with the Child Protection Policy.

This policy relates to all PASC members, coaches, committee members, parents and guardians. The PASC policy and procedure is in line with the Swim Ulster Swim Ireland guidelines. The complainant should make themselves aware of both the PASC and Swim Ireland procedures. PASC will only address complaints that are directly related to PASC and its activities – complaints against any member whose acts or omissions have resulted in unfair treatment, hurt feelings and disadvantages to any member, without just cause and/or where such acts or omissions have failed to have any regard for the rules, regulations, policies and procedures of the club which are in force at any time. PASC elect a complaints subcommittee at each AGM to address complaints if required throughout the year. This subcommittee has as a chair, secretary and two committee members.

Step 1: If you have a complaint please let a member of the committee know. The chair of the committee will as soon as practicable meet to resolve the complaint through discussion with the relevant parties. The CCO will be present if required as above.

Step 2: If either of the parties involved is unhappy after this discussion then the complainant must submit the complaint in writing to the PASC complaints committee. The committee will meet as soon as is practicable to explore the accusation before any further procedure is taken. If there is a case Step 3 will be activated otherwise the complainant will be informed of the committee’s decision in writing by the committee secretary. The decision of the complaints committee is final.

Step 3: The respondent member will be notified in writing by the complaints committee secretary. The member will be given full details, including a copy of the written complaint and any supporting documentation etc. The respondent will be invited to reply in writing to the complaint and to forward any supporting documentation to the complaints committee.

Step 4: In the event that either party wishes the matter to go to an oral hearing the complaints committee secretary shall endeavour to arrange an oral hearing within seven days of the request being submitted. The complainant and the responder will have a seven days’ notice of the venue, date and time. Both can be present at the full hearing and both have the right to representation. Witnesses who are called by either party may only be present to give their evidence and be questioned by the complaints committee.

Step 5: Within 14 days of the conclusion of the hearing the complaints committee must forward full details of the complaint and associated documentation to PASC along with their determination on the complaint and recommendation for further action if relevant. The PASC committee will take the final decision as to follow the recommendation or not. Both parties will be informed of the PASC committee decision within 10 days of the PASC committee meeting being held.

Step 6: Appeal – if either party wishes to appeal, they can appeal to Swim Ireland using their procedures.