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Child Protection Policy

This policy seeks to establish rules and guidelines to ensure that PASC members are well cared for and are protected from harm.

PASC are committed to promoting the welfare of children and young people and vulnerable adults who participate in our programme of planned activities.

PASC, which is run by volunteers, endeavours to inform and involve parents, guardians, carers in partnership to ensure as far as it is reasonably practicable, a safe environment at PASC. All PASC coach and committee members will be vigilant and if they suspect that a child is being or in danger of being harmed they will intervene to prevent such harm.

Parents/ guardians should note that buildings used for all PASC events are open to the general public. PASC is not responsible for members or other accompanying children when they are in public areas outside the pool. This includes the toilets. It is the responsibility or parents/ guardians to ensure that their children or vulnerable adults are adequately supervised. This policy relates to children under the age of 18 years. It also applies to those vulnerable adults of any age who are identified to the PASC committee prior to joining PASC.

Our guiding principles are:

  • The rights of the child are paramount
  • All children are entitled to feel safe, secure and protected at all times
  • All children are entitled to equality of treatment regardless of perceived differences

Each year at the Annual General Meeting PASC appoint Club Children’s Officers, whose role is to focus on Child Protection. The name and contact detail for these officers is provided on the PASC noticeboard and available at the PASC desk.

If you have a concern please contact the Club Children’s Officer or any committee member who will direct you to the appropriate person. Every problem raised with the PASC committee will be taken seriously and will be documented, dated and retained for 3 years.

The primary responsibility for looking after a child rests with the parent/guardian. All of whom are made aware of this policy once they agree to become a PASC member. This policy makes it clear that where parents/guardians are not personally attending with their child/children, PASC expect them to satisfy themselves that their children will be supervised at PASC activities by other responsible adults acting on their behalf. Where a parent/guardian has decided that a child is old enough to attend unsupervised they must accept responsibility for that decision. No parent/guardian should expect PASC to supervise their children at all times while at a PASC event.

Important note: Photographs video recording (including mobile phones) and press photography policy

By agreeing to your son/daughter becoming a PASC member we will assume that you are also giving your consent to your child’s photograph being taken on occasion and used for promoting PASC for example website, leaflet and local press coverage. Parents should also be aware that the club uses underwater video camera footage to analyse swimming technique.

If you have an objection to this or have a query please let the PASC committee know in writing. If parents/guardians do not wish photographs to be taken the responsible adult attending is responsible for ensuring that they are not included in press photographs.

No unauthorised photography of whatever nature will be permitted poolside or in changing areas.