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Requests to Join PASC


Swimmers wishing to re-join PASC

If a former member wishes to re-join PASC after a period of absence, a letter must be submitted to the club’s secretary. The letter should include swimmer contact details, the reason for absence and the reason for their request to re-join. Letters are considered by the committee at a scheduled meeting. The secretary will notify the applicant of the committee’s decision in writing.

PASC Swimmers wishing to transfer to another club

If a member wishes to leave PASC and join another swim club they must follow the transfer rules set down by Swim Ireland. A ‘transfer window’ for competitive swimmers applies. For details refer to

The member wishing to transfer must have paid any outstanding subscriptions and returned any property before they will be released by PASC. Property is considered for example PASC Home Gala trophies or other club assets such as catering, training equipment, computers etc.