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Membership Selection

Membership Selection Criteria

PASC committee will consider the following in determining membership requests:

  • First preference membership will always be afforded to those who attend AGM and register as per the club’s registration process.
  • The overall numbers in the club will be taken into consideration due to the impact this has on lane sizes and coaches ability to support training sessions/ squad numbers.
  • Committee members and coaches will make exceptions to put forward new/
    re-join members for consideration on the basis that they will fill an existing need in the club’s competitive events. For example, if there is a shortage of B or D group girls – members who have the ability to fill that gap and are willing and dedicated to competing for the club may be considered for direct membership.
  • Committee members will take decisions on membership with the support of information provided by coaches. For example new/ re-join member will be assessed as to the likely squad they will enter, attendance records, adequate space in that particular squad, that the swimmer has potential and is willing to support the competitive team events through Aquasprint and PTL.
  • Decisions on membership may also take account of wider individual circumstances if it is considered this could impact on the smooth running of the club from either swimmer’s, committee or coaches perspective.
  • Decisions taken by the committee will be final.

Suspension/ Expulsion of Membership

PASC committee reserves the right to suspend/expel members who do not comply with club rules, procedures and policies. All decisions to suspend/ expel are taken by the PASC Committee. Further information on wider implications for Swim Ulster/ Swim Ireland membership can be found at: