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Roles & Responsibilities

Role of the Chairperson

The Club Chairperson is seen as a figurehead for the Club and is an elected member of the committee with responsibility for overseeing the running of the club.

  • To provide direction and leadership to the club
  • Chair and control the management of the meetings
  • Consult with the secretary on the content of the agenda and minutes of the meetings
  • Present the annual report in conjunction with the Secretary
  • Present the annual accounts in conjunction with the Treasurer
  • Help to ensure the smooth running of all aspects of the club in line with the Club Constitution, Club Policies and legislation
  • Promote the interest of PASC at all times and act as the official spokesperson for the club, maintaining a good working relationship the pool provider, Council, Swim Ulster and Swim Ireland
  • Advise the Treasurer on the use and investment of club funds.
  • To ensure the principles of due process and natural justice are applied in all decisions made by the committee.
  • To oversee the development and implementation of accreditation and development programmes e.g. club development plan, clubmark and CASC status. .
  • To liaise with Head Coach, ensuring appropriate coaching levels are in place.

Role of the Treasurer

The Treasurer of the club is responsible for producing and managing the club’s accounts and finances and will be responsible for all income and expenditure for the club. The Treasurer should report to the Club Chairperson.

  • To be responsible for all club finances by ensuring adequate accounts and records exist
  • To plan the annual budget in agreement with the club committee and to monitor through the year including the required pool time in liaison with the Head Coach
  • To prepare end-of-year accounts and present to the management committee and AGM
  • To ensure that all funds are used appropriately and banked promptly
  • To maintain up-to-date records of all transactions and records of income and expenditure including the introduction and maintaining of electronic banking for membership fees
  • To be responsible for maintaining records and meeting the requirements for HMRC
  • To act as co–signature on cheques along with the chairperson/secretary.

Role of the Secretary

The Club Secretary provides a central point of contact for administration, information and communication. It is the Club Secretary who initially deals with all correspondence and communications, and is key to the smooth running of a club. The Club Secretary also provides a link between members, potential members and external organisations, e.g. Cascades, ABC Council, Swim Ulster and Swim Ireland. The Club Secretary should report to the Club Chairperson.

  • To act as a main point of contact for the club, maintain records and information in relation to queries, all administration and communications
  • To deal with the day-to-day running of the club including all internal and external correspondence
  • To process and deliver appropriate correspondence and information to and from Swim Ulster and Swim Ireland
  • To organise committee meetings and AGMs, prepare agendas, take minutes, and distribute and communicate these as appropriate
  • To liaise with other club committee members to ensure all appropriate administration is in place
  • To have a knowledge and understanding of the roles and responsibilities of other club committee members
  • To ensure contact details of all members, committee members, other key club personnel and Swim Ulster and Swim secretaries are updated.
  • To keep records of complaints and contracts regarding the dealings of the club. Records shall be kept for a minimum of 3 years.

Role of the Membership Secretary

The Membership Secretary of a club deals with the day to day registration of the club members with Swim Ulster and Swim Ireland, and the annual membership renewal process at the beginning of each year. The role involves inputting and submitting these registrations/renewals via the Online Membership System (and is the key link between the club and the SU/SI Membership Office.

  • Have a good knowledge of all club members – swimmers, coaches, volunteers, committee members and parents
  • Act as a main point of contact at the club for all things relating to registrations
  • Ensure that annual membership renewals are completed on time via the online system at the beginning of each year – renewing those who are staying with the club, lapsing those who are no longer members and adding any new members in the correct membership category
  • Updating the online system throughout the year regarding any changes to membership, category or contact details for all members of the club
  • Ensure all relevant forms are filed accurately with names, addresses, dates of birth and emergency contact numbers
  • Provide the Treasurer with accurate membership details so the Treasurer can collect relevant payment.
  • Liaise with the Head Coach to ensure that all appropriate swimmers are registered to swim in the appropriate competitions.

Role of the Club Children’s Officer (CCO)

  • The Club Children’s Officer shall be child centred in focus and have as the primary aim, the establishment of a child centred ethos within PASC.
  • The CCO shall be the link between the children and adults in PASC.
  • The CCO shall take responsibility for monitoring and reporting to PASC committee on how club policy impacts on young people and their Sports Leaders.
  • The CCO shall hold an up to date certificate of Child Protection from ISC/CNI/NISC and be familiar with the Code of Ethics and Child Welfare Guidelines of Swim Ireland.
  • Any concerns or disclosures relating to child abuse shall be reported to the to the statutory authorities.
  • To ensure safeguarding and supervision policies are updated and communicated
  • To ensure that any concerns from Swim Ulster or Swim Ireland are communicated and guidelines followed
  • Host member information sessions
  • To ensure the Club Child Protection Policy is advertised to members

Role of the Gala Secretary

  • Liaise with the Head Coach to understand the annual Competition Plan
  • Liaise with the Head Coach to engage with volunteers when required for galas
  • Organise club officials for meets
  • Ensure the committee member responsible for communication is provided timely with meet details for the website
  • Liaise with the Head Coach re swimmers entry details for meets/galas
  • Liaise with the Treasurer to provide account details of monies paid in & out re meets/galas
  • Input and check data into computer for meets.

Liaise with Swim Ulster and Swim Ireland as relevant for any galas.

Role of Other Committee Members

  • Reporting to the club chairperson, the committee are responsible for supporting the Chair, Treasurer, Secretary and Club Officers as required.
  • Committee members are responsible the smooth day to day running of the club carrying out wide rate of duties and responsibilities which include the following although not exhaustive list:

Communication and Social

  • Raise the club profile and improve its image within the local community through regular and relevant communication, promoting the club in a positive way
  • Communicate swimming information and produce informative newsletters, notice board and website updates and media releases
  • Lead in the organisation and promotion of committee approved non-swimming social events for the club in association with other committee members and volunteers
  • Plan and manage the annual prizegiving event, ensuring repairs and engraving of trophies
  • To procure sponsorship money from local businesses and organise events to raise funds
  • To manage the relationship with the club kit supplier, in managing the shop online and club order night.

Education and Policy

  • To collect and record information from all relevant members of the club with regard to helping, teaching and coaching qualifications
  • To receive information on any educational matters, and to pass that information down through the club members.
  • To liaise with the Head Coach to produce an annual programme of CPD Training for the club’s coaching team
  • To support and advise any club member that wishes to further their qualification or experience in connection with swimming teaching/coaching that may benefit the club.
  • Ensuring coaching team and committee have the required Child Protection and AccessNI certification and general awareness of Child Protection among members
  • To keep an up to date list of club members who are on the Access NI child protection register
  • All committee members to keep abreast of club developments and support the achievement and implementation of a club development plan, clubmark accreditation and CASC status.


  • Ensure that arrangements are made for the transport of teams to galas
  • Ensure that timekeepers are arranged in advance for the galas where possible
  • Advise the team of gala arrangements
  • To support the coaching team with organising and managing the club galas
  • To ensure that catering arrangements for home galas are communicated in a timely manner to members via the club’s communication channels.

New Members

  • To record and maintain details for new membership enquiries
  • To liaise with the Head Coach to arrange trials for any new member
  • To ensure membership forms are completed and passed to the Membership Secretary and Treasurer
  • Confirm the squad to the new member and confirm joining details
  • Carry out any induction with new members explaining club procedures and going through the information in the club handbook


  • Develop and oversee the parent supervision rota, and brief parents on the supervision policy and requirements
  • Co-ordinate an annual volunteer plan
  • Pass relevant information to the committee member responsible for safeguarding
  • Ensure all volunteers are aware of the child protection policy.