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– Swimmers

Code of Conduct for Swimmers

  • Treat coaches, officials and parents with respect
  • Listen to and respect decisions made by others; if you feel unjustly treated you can talk to the Club Children’s Officer or your parents
  • Make sure you understand and act in line with PASC rules and guidelines
  • Be aware that you represent PASC by actions and words. Be mannerly and behave well at all times
  • Be fair at all times, do your best to achieve your goals and be gracious if you don’t
  • Respect other club swimmers and visiting team members. NEVER make fun of or belittle others
  • Participate as part of the team and support others when they do well and when things go wrong
  • Never bully or use bullying actions against others this includes never taking/damaging others property, never spreading rumours or telling lies
  • Never use violence or bad language; do not shout or argue with leaders, team mates
  • Don’t brag – Be competitive, but realise that in swimming, everyone can be a winner SUPPORT your fellow swimmers with encouragement, recognition of good effort, and cheerful enthusiasm
  • Wear club colours and kit

Training and Galas

  • Understand sport can be hard work and requires discipline to achieve your goals; commitment and regular attendance is required as a member of the club
  • Be prepared have all appropriate swimming gear e.g. hat, goggles, drink, fins and swim kit
  • Arrive on time for your warm up! Late arrivals disrupt the other swimmers