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– Parent / Gaurdian

Code of Conduct as a parent / guardian

Parents/ guardians as members of the club also have responsibilities. These include:

  • Primary responsibility for care and welfare of their children
  • Work in partnership with the club to promote good practice and to ensure everyone is treated with respect fairness and understanding
  • Ensuring that small pool swimmers are accompanied by a parent/guardian for the duration of their time with PASC (session and galas etc). PASC coaches and committee are NOT responsible for children in the toilets and changing rooms
  • At least one parent/guardian per family must make themselves available for the poolside supervision rota
  • Ensure appropriate leaders are informed regarding any absenteeism, medical conditions and emergency contact details or other relevant matters concerning your child’s welfare
  • Abide by the procedures and policies in this document especially with regard to the use of mobile phones, any type of camera and videoing equipment
  • Encourage children to talk about any concerns or anyone causing them harm
  • Encourage your child/children to participate for fun and enjoyment
  • Ensure that your child’s experience of sport is a positive one
  • Remember that children learn best by leading by example – i.e. good sportsmanship, clapping and supporting swimmers and other clubs on their achievements
  • Encourage your child in fair play
  • Behave responsibly on the pool deck and viewing areas
  • Keep abreast of the training and competitive programmes – (information at the desk and notice board and on Swim Ulster/ Ireland websites), club procedures and policies
  • Know your child’s training and/or competitive programme
  • Familiarise yourself with committee members and coaches within the club
  • Show respect for coaches decisions
  • Attend the Annual General Meeting and pay PASC fees on time
  • Support your club by contributing time and effort in the daily running of the club (no club can operate successfully without the help of parents/ members)
  • Be available for pool side duties e.g. time keeping and/ or other duties when required • At least one parent/guardian per family to complete child protection training