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– Committee

Code of Conduct for Committee

  • Be familiar with the Code of Ethics, this document, Swim Ireland Rules, Swim Ulster and any PASC rules.
  • Within a Club ensure and approve the appointments of Club Children’s Officers, one of whom sits to the committee.
  • Carry out your required duties for Swim Ireland, Swim Ulster and PASC understanding that the welfare of children is paramount.
  • Follow the Swim Ireland policies and procedures so that all activities are in accordance with this document:
      • Create safe environment for young people
      • Ensure the codes of conduct are in place for all involved
      • Provide adequate supervision for training sessions with attendance record being kept
      • Recruit volunteers/employees including vetting and training is completed
      • Understand and implement the complaints and disciplinary procedures
      • Ensure safe induction and supervision of volunteers/employees
      • Ensure other activities follow procedures e.g. away trips
      • All required procedures contained in this document are adopted.
  • Keep and store securely all documentation with respect to meetings, correspondence and minutes of committee meetings together with General Meetings, including the Treasurers report.
  • Set up, maintain, revise and implement rules in the best interests of Swim Ireland, Swim Ulster and PASC. Rules should not contravene any Swim Ireland rules and must be communicated to the relevant members.
  • Ensure effective communications with members through recognised means e.g. e-mail, web posting, use of notice boards, etc.
  • Monitor with the Membership Registration Secretary any changes in membership and any unusual drop out, absenteeism or club transfers by children. Ensure these are followed up to determine the reason for the trend.
  • The Head Coach will be invited to attend at the end of Committee meetings in order to update the Committee and present the views of the Coaches. Children Officers will also provide an update as and when required.
  • Inform parents/guardians in advance and obtain consent for children to be involved in events outside the normal activities within the aquatic disciplines e.g. fun day out, fundraising.
  • Inform parents/guardians where a matter or problem arises relating to their child.
  • Monitor with the Children’s Officer any changes in membership and any unusual dropout, absenteeism or Club transfers by children or leaders. Ensure these are followed up to determine the reason for the trend.
  • Ensure complaints including rumours are not ignored and dealt with appropriately, following the relevant procedures including:
    • Recording all incidents
    • Reporting the incident/accident or injury
    • Informing the parent or guardian (if child involved)