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PASC win Division 3 PTL League

PASC win Division 3 PTL League

Posted on: 12th February 2018

Wow! What a way to end the PTL season?!

Last week we knew that so far this season both Limavady and PASC were unbeaten and who ever won the gala on Saturday would win Division 3 of the PTL League.  Results are one thing but I don’t think any of us could have anticipated the thrilling and exciting gala the swimmers performed for us?!

After 52 races, neither team went more than 4 points ahead.  Our announcer informed us there were 4 front crawl relay races left which would likely decide the winner.   The 53rd race, our C Girls won, 54th race Limavady Boys C won – even again. Then the 55th race, our D girls won which meant PASC was 4 points ahead.   So it was all down to the last 56th race… if Limavady won, it would be a draw and I don’t think anyone would have complained with that result.  That outcome would probably mean to win the division would be determined by the points gained from all galas this season.

Up stepped the D boys:  Matthew Walsh got off to a good start and kept it even, followed by Darragh Guy, followed by Niall Heasty….there was nothing in it.  Everyone in the gallery and poolside were screaming. The last swimmer for PASC, Daniel Vennard stepped up against Limavady’s Division 1 Swimmer…the first length was still even, both swimmers turned for the last length, everyone’s heart rate increased as did the noise in Cascades!  They swam their heart out and in the end PASC’s Daniel’s fingertip reached the finish line to secure a win for PASC: PASC 576 V Limavady 568.  Congratulations to our PTL squad, we are very proud of you J #teamwork in action!

Thanks to all the volunteers who made the gala possible.  A particular mention to the swimmers who delayed their travel plans to the Irish Minor Schools gala in Dublin so they could swim for their club.  A number of our swimmers were missing on Saturday due to sickness, so your support truly made a difference to the team. Thank you #wearepasc